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Our company is a leader in Green Energy Solutions. We are growing into a leader in Green Energy Solutions worldwide. Our audience on this site will focus on the USA and Canada basically North America.

Our first priority is make our solar solutions easy to understand. Other sites can be very complicated. You almost have to be an electrical engineer to understand what they are talking about. It is difficult to find out:
  • How much a system will cost?
  • What size system do I need?
  • How can I take advantage of the state and federal incentives?
  • How much will I save by doing this?
You will find that we also have the most competitive pricing you can find.

For the homeowner, we will tell you right away how much a beginning system with a 10 panel array will cost, how much energy it will produce. We will show you what the National, State and Utility companies offer as incentives or rebates. While the Federal rebate is standard at $3,000, each State and Utility company is different. You can review the complete pricing of basic systems one from Ohio and one from Pennsylvania.

For our commercial, municipal and school system customers we will go into more technical information and data. We will also price out a standard system designed for a flat roof.

I wanted to make our web site as easy to understand as possible while also offering a great deal of information for those who like that type of stuff. We will never sacrifice quality for price. We remember that you are the customer and we will find a Green Energy Solution that is right for you. Thank you for staying with me for this introduction.

M. E. Witzky Ph.D., President and CEO

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